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Mara Cattini's photo
Mara Cattini
People & Culture Leader

"We use Algo Interview for selection because it is an effective and scalable solution for assessing our candidates' ability to communicate and demonstrate their skills through digital means, without abandoning the human aspect of the process."

Alexander di Pasquale
Alexander di Pasquale
HR Business Partner

"I believe Algo Interview can provide concrete support to all HR professionals eager to make the selection process faster, more effective and more objective, while working on digitizing the Talent Acquisition strategy."

Elisa Fugazzola
Elisa Fugazzola
People & Culture Manager

"Algo Interview for us is a perfect tool for probing the potential of candidates: the information it provides us with greatly enriches the interviews scheduled in the next steps of recruiting. It is also consistent with the Full Remote model and the Skill Map on which we base our growth processes."

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