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Most frequently evaluated Job Roles
with Algo Interview

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and skill tests developed together with top experts and industry leaders, you will be able to recognize the most suitable candidates from the very first step of screening.

Store manager
Alliev* store manager
Area Manager
Sales clerk
Deli attendant*
Butcher's shop attendant*
Bakery clerk*
Fresh counter attendant*
Fish market clerk*
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Highlight your candidates' skills in real work scenarios

Thanks to Algo Interview's technology, you will be able to use the Behavioral Event Interview method (BEI) even on large numbers of candidates, identiifying the best suited for you right away.

Reduce pre-screening time-your candidates will be happy too!

Thanks to Algo Interview, pre-screening time is cut down by 70%, leading to a faster selection process that keeps candidates and motivated and allows us to achieve a satisfaction rate that exceeds 90%!

"I found the system simple and quick, really innovative!"
"The test is streamlined and quick, but leaves just enough time to answer the questions."

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