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Soft Skill Technology

With Algo Interview's innovative technology you make the
Structured Behavioral Interview (BEI) methodology fast and scalable in your HR processes.

Enhance the soft skills that are most important to you

Our Skill Test Library contains ready-to-use tests to assess all the soft skills that it is essential for your candidates to possess. A test takes an average of 15 minutes and gives you the results within 2 minutes.
Learn about all the soft skills you can analyze

Rely on a certified methodology

Our solution is based on the theoretical principles of the Structured Behavioral Interview (Behavioural Event Interview), among the most reliable for identifying competencies through knowledgeable information provided directly by candidates.
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How we automate
the EIB

Step 1:
choose the skills you want to assess

Select the Skill Tests you want and the questions that will be asked of candidates from our Library.

Step 2:
invites candidates to skills test

Take advantage of the SMS and email system to immediately invite candidates to the test. You will have a way to personalize the entire communication.

Step 3:
let candidates complete the interview

All candidates have to do is connect from any device to Algo Interview and answer situational questions via audio or video.

Step 4:
analyze the results and identify your top candidates

Algo Interview will provide you with an overall assessment of the candidates' performance
and further detail on each competency analyzed and question asked.

Your feedback will also be more timely and personalized

Through Algo Interview analysis you will have a way to provide personalized and detailed feedback to each candidate with respect to their application, including an in-depth report regarding the final outcome.