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Most frequently evaluated Job Roles
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Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and skill tests developed together with top experts and industry leaders, you will be able to recognize the most suitable candidates from the very first step of screening.

Financial advisor
Bank teller operator
Reporting specialist
Portfolio manager
Credit analyst
Credit manager
Commercial Clerk* Branches
Financial controller
Asset manager
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Financial Advisor
Soft Skills
Problem Solving
Orientation to the other
Goal orientation
Hard Skills
FP&A/Financial planning and analysis
Budget and margin analysis
Credit Analyst
Soft Skills
Organization and planning skills
Problem solving
Hard Skills
Financial Analysis
Market Analysis
Principles of risk and investment
Indicates Job Role
Soft Skills
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Hard Skills
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Analyze the most important skills for banking in a single platform

By using Algo Interview's competency analysis technology, you will have a clear, 360-degree view of your candidates' capabilities even before you meet them in an interview.

Optimize your time and that of your candidates

Algo Interview's speed of assessment will allow you to devote more attention to the interview phase with the selected candidates and give faster and more accurate feedback to all the people being assessed.

Some simple reasons to choose us

Skill Tests suitable for all types of roles and seniority

Optimal handling of large volumes of applicants

Transparency and objectivity of assessments

Access to reports to give feedback to candidates