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Mara Cattini
People & Culture Leader

"We use Algo Interview for selection because it is an effective and scalable solution for assessing our candidates' ability to communicate and demonstrate their skills through digital means, without abandoning the human aspect of the process."

Alexander di Pasquale
Alexander di Pasquale
HR Business Partner

"I believe Algo Interview can provide concrete support to all HR professionals eager to make the selection process faster, more effective and more objective, while working on digitizing the Talent Acquisition strategy."

Elisa Fugazzola
Elisa Fugazzola
People & Culture Manager

"Algo Interview for us is a perfect tool for probing the potential of candidates: the information it provides us with greatly enriches the interviews scheduled in the next steps of recruiting. It is also consistent with the Full Remote model and the Skill Map on which we base our growth processes."

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Data-driven and inclusive approach

With our AI technology, we ensure that you can make more informed decisions by providing you with objective results on your candidates' skills.

Customizable assessments for a wide variety of job roles

By purchasing Algo Interview you will have access to a Skills Test Library containing over 120 tests of technical skills, soft skills, foreign languages and more. No matter what industry you are in you will always have a way to choose the right tests for your needs!

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Algo Interview?

Algo Interview is a Skills Platform aimed at facilitating the analysis of the competencies (soft skills and hard skills) of candidates. It allows you to compose a customized assessment for your candidates in just a few steps by selecting individual tests of the most important skills for a given job position. You will automatically get the assessment result for each candidate and can use it to make your own evaluations.

2. Why should I use Algo Interview?

Algo Interview makes pre-screening candidates faster, more thorough, and more inclusive. By spending just a few minutes creating the assessment and inviting candidates you will have a detailed report to use as a baseline to better manage the next steps in the selection process.

3. Can Algo Interview be used as ATS or HRIS?

Algo Interview can be used as a collection point for candidates' CVs since it is necessary to upload their profiles to the platform in order for them to undergo an assessment, but it is not an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or HRIS (Human Resource Information System). It can be integrated with an ATS or HRIS upon specific request (book an exploratory call for more information).

4. What do candidates say about Algo Interview?

Ninety-two percent of candidates who underwent an assessment conducted with Algo Interview said they were satisfied with the experience. Incorporating Algo Interview into the selection process conveys to the candidate a willingness to conduct the skills assessment in a transparent and effective manner and creates greater engagement at the application stage.

5. Can I try Algo Interview before I decide whether to buy it?

Of course! Trying Algo Interview is very simple: follow the directions on our website and fill out the form to get in touch with our consultants. Together you will evaluate how to implement Algo Interview in your selection process, so you can start testing its effectiveness right away.

6. How much does Algo Interview cost?

Algo Interview is a software that adapts to all different needs in terms of volumes of candidates assessed. That is why it has a variable cost depending on the annual package you choose to purchase. Once you purchase a plan, you will always have the option to upgrade if needed. To find out all the options available to you and agree on any customizations book a short call.

7. Is payment fixed or on a pay-as-you-go basis?

As of today, it is not possible to use Algo Interview on a consumption basis; you must purchase an annual plan in order to use the tool. Don't worry: you can agree with our professionals on a plan that suits your needs and candidate volumes, so you pay a rate congruent with your actual use of the tool. To discuss all the details book a brief call.

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